What is your funniest video game/character?

For me the funniest game is Disgeae games. HE'S GOT A HORSE WIENER!

Then the funniest character i've ever seen would be the prinnies. :D

What is your funniest video game/character?


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  • "You can hide that body, but the smell? Whoo! There's no covering up."

    You cooled off yet kid? Do your homework first!
    "Cerberus: You are not human, are you?
    Dante: Who knows. I'm not even sure myself."
    Vergil: You showed up.
    Dante: You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left.
    Vergil: My sincerest apology brother. I was so eager to see you, I couldn't concentrate on preparations for the bash.
    Dante: Whatever, at any rate, it's been a whole year since we last met. How about a kiss from your little brother? Or better yet how about a kiss from THIS!
    (Points Ivory towards Vergil.)
    Dante: So, this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?
    Vergil: You got that right...
    (Readies Yamato.)
    (Lady falls and Dante catches her)
    Dante: Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder sky looks so funny today.

    Dante: Hey! What's your name?
    Lady: I don't have a name!
    Dante: Really? Then what should I call you?
    Lady: I don't care. Whatever you want.
    Dante: Whatever, Lady. (leap to the castle entrance) I'll leave this to you. Cuz' I don't wanna miss the party. (enters castle)
    Lady: Who counted on you anyway?
    Lady: Are you crying?
    Dante: It's only the rain.
    Lady: But the rain already stopped.
    Dante: Devils never cry.
    Lady: I see. Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don't you think?
    Dante: Maybe.

    Dante (Devil May Cry)

    "Adios kid!"


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  • The sack-dolly from little big planet'=' I love that game, yes I do.😂😂😂

  • I'm going with Captain Qwaaaaark.

  • Probably a Mario Bros character.