Uhmm... so this is gonna sound weird?

uhhmm... soo
is there any recording out there of some guy talking? like clear deep male voice talking for a long time about w/e and not waiting for a reply? as if im reading a story or something?
i dont want an interview or w/e from utube... i want something else

you know those ASMR thingies? something like that
he doesn't have to talk about something specific... like talk about w/e, his day, his thoughts, something inside him... etc w. e as long as he is not cussing or talking dirty/sexual or w/e

I don't know just a guy talking by himself, expressing something

optional : i want it to be really long... mybe even an hour or something
also optional: i want to download it on my phone

the optional things are very unimpotant by the way, but it would be nice

and no whisper stuff please


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  • Explanation needed

    • lol i know its weird

      basically something like the ASMR thingies, no whispering though in a male voice just talking about something

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  • Yeah, you were right, this sounds weird, lol


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