Is looking young for guys in their 20s a damn curse?

So I went to the park to play some soccer, started playing with some kid. He asks me what high school I go to... I'm freaking 26 turning 27 in 4 months. This kid is in 8th grade. His friend comes over and she asks me the same question, what school do I go to. He tells her I'm 26 and she's like waaaat I thought you were like 16-17. This chick starts hitting on me... freaking 15 year olds are hitting on me, I rarely see girls of my age or even 21+ attracted to me. Im attracting attracting freaking kids!

How do I turn the tip and use it to my advantage? Will putting on some muscle size make me look older? I have a smallish frame @ 5'9


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  • Muscle and some facial hair should do the trick.

    • facial hair looks bad on me

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  • Yes it is a curse. Hit me up when you figure out the solution


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  • In a few years, it will be more of a blessing than a curse to you.
    You can put on some more muscle & facial hair.


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