Why do I feel this way?

I keep feeling this way, and the best I can describe it as if it was a circle.
My mind is a circle.
I keep repeating this circle, and every time I go to another lap, it's just scribble after scribble and the scribble becomes scratchy and illegible and it keeps going faster and faster.
I keep seeing myself in my deathbed and I find myself crying while my mind keeps racing in circles.
Help me. I don't know what's wrong with me.


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  • Try meditating

    You sit, and focus on something so simple and natural it requires no thought, like breathing

    Then, thoughts you can'tget rid of, and tthoughtsyou ddidn't even know you had, come flooding into your mind. But the trick is to NEITHER embrace NOR resist. You simply acknowledge it, and let it go.
    Learning to accept is a life long practice, but nothing frees your mind up from clutter like continued practice of meditation

    I hope you have some success


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  • Watch something really funny. Find a movie which makes you laugh hard and watch it. When my grandpa died, i couldn't deal so i just watched a really funny movie, pretended it wasn't happening. Denial is a beautiful defense mechanism. Once you're distracted for a while, go back and see if you can rationally deal with the issue.

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