To those who are pro-choice: do you also care how other people's bodies look like?

I don't get it. Genuinely don't.

In this age where most people (at least on GAG) are pro-choice, why is there still so many people who ridicule overweight people?

I've heard the reason "I don't want other people to have a say about MY body. It's MY body, so it's MY business and MY choice" being used by pro-choicers.

Are the bodies of overweight people or anorexic people if it matters not also THEIR business too? And nobody else but themselves have a say in it?

Yet fatshaming or skinnyshaming is still widely spread? Where are those people who claim that only the person having the body should have a say in what happens to their bodies? Someone's body is no one's business but the owner's, no?


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  • Well one issue might be that in almost all of these cases, their choice ends up being not only theirs but other's as well. Really obese people take up more space in public transport - some of them may sit on two seats yet refuse to pay two tickets. Pregnant women who choose to undergo abortion pretty often can not financially support this action themselves and thus the tax payer has to pay for them - and many tax payers don't want to support what they see as infanticide.

    by the way I'm not trying to shame.

    • What you say about obese people only happen to the extreme obese individuals. While the bodyshaming happens to even average individuals. Not only those weighing over 150 kgs. So in most of bodyshaming cases, others aren't affected.

    • Well ok, but still there was this situation in school where a somewhat fat person was being privileged in the sense that they were excuse from climbing the stairs to the 4th floor in school and instead a more skinny person had to do it in their stead, just to go fetch something. That was not fair.

    • Wtf? Lol I've never heard of that. In that case, the teacher is a tool and it's really a minority that does that. In general, fat people are not privileged AT ALL.

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  • I agree with you. I don't think it's right for people to shame someone else about their body. It's their body and their business. It's not possible to just look and someone and say "oh, you are fat, therefore you have diabetes." I'm fat, and I do not have diabetes. My blood sugar is perfect.

    I have other health issues that make it hard to control my weight. But no one can tell that from looking at me. That's why I feel it's not okay to just shame someone. People think it motivates me to lose weight by harassing me. But it doesn't.

    Actually, I don't go out on walks much anymore because of the harassment I faced when I went out. People think it's perfectly fine to throw things or yell mean things to someone trying to improve their life. I just got sick of having to dodge insults and bottles.

    I also don't sit on the couch all day eating bon bons. I'm actually not a bad eater. I could do better, but who else is guilty of not having the 100 percent perfect diet 100 percent of the time?

    I think overall, people in society need to be more compassionate and empathetic towards other people. It's so easy to go into 'Attack Mode' and just start bashing people without fully understanding their situation.


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  • Abortion should be legal. That doesn't mean that every abortion is morally right.

    Being fat should be legal. That doesn't mean that being fat is morally right.

    • And you were given by Zeus the ultimste right to judge whether being fat is morally right or not.

      Why wouldn't it be morally right? Unless a 400kg Person is sitting on someone and killing them, how can they be morally incorrect? Seriously.

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    • No one should bully people. But, yes, people should be criticized for such unhealthy activities, and indeed they are.

    • Not as mean and incessantly as what they do to fatties

  • This really a completely different issue. Seeing as a lot of people have medical issues that control what their bodies look like, but there's no "immaculate inception." I don't care what people's bodies look like, but that doesn't mean I have to be attracted to it. But it's really not the same thing to categorize someone who was impregnated from a rape to someone who has a thyroid and/or metabolism issues as "pro-choice." Neither example is the only reason why people are why they are, but just an example of the glaring difference that can occur in categorizing these people in the same way.

  • pro choice results from an unchangable failure in the past (you fucked up your birth control) while being overweight is seen as an ongoing mistake that can be changed for the better at any given time.

    • Not really, no. Often times the Problem goes deeper in the person's psyche than simply loving pizza.

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    • Och lass mich! Lol

      Yea i know I am. Never said i'm a fucking Angel. But I turn this way because i've Seen the Bad side of society. I have less and less empathy each day. Cause I don't See anything good in being a good Person and not try to hurt others. Others would still hurt you.

    • yeah i know... hard to deal with it.

  • I am pro-life and see obesity as most often a mental illness as well as a self-destructive behaviour (bar the exceptions of obese people who are obese due to illness/medicaments).

    So I can't really answer you properly.

    • It mostly is. So being bullied or bodyshamed definitely would not in a million years help them.

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    • As I said - there is a difference between stating it and bullying. Though I do think "think of your future/kids" sounds quite manipulative. Also I don't think its exclusive to only close ones, because close ones not always dare to say something potentially hurtful.

    • How is it manipulative? If they want to have kids, they should think about whether or not they want to be around to raise them.

      If "loved ones" are too afraid to say something hurtful, then they are not really loved ones. Or the fat person just needs some open mind for critic from people who genuinely only want good things for them.

      I think only those peoe who could realistically provide support and help in the weight loss can say something to them. So strangers definitely don't count in this.

      Besides, think about smoking. Is's just as damaging and destructive as being morbidly obese. Yet why don't people ever yell to strangers "look at that chimney! You kiss your girlfriend with that foul breath?"

  • what does being pro-choice have to do with bodyshaming

    • Because it has something to do with letting people do what they want to their own bodies and not sticking one's nose where it doesn't belong.

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    • It's not as easy as that. Most people who are overweight have mental problems. Or else they would've lost weight a long time ago. Seriously, who doesn't want to lose weight and not be bullied anymore? More often than not, the issues goes deeper than just lazyness or lack of self-discipline. So many people seek joy and comfort in food because they don't get it in their lives. Because people are being assholes to them. Which then makes the Situation even worse. The more they get bullied, the Gatter they get. And it's all caused by assholes who know nothing about a strangers life yet dates to blab on and accuse that Person of being lazy. Assholes who just assume things as if thwy've known that stranger for 20 years. Are you that Kind of asshole?

    • When has telling a fat Person "hey Land whale!" ever helped in his try of human Kind? When has it ever helped someone lose weight?

      And no, i'm not only talking about fatshaming. people are too asshole-ish to See that and just assume i must be a bitter fattie. Maybe i am, but i'm talking about bodyshaming in General here. Soooo, also about skinnyshaming. And about people with some deformities on their bodies.

      So really, people don't know anything about me and can't even read my question right yet pretend they know me from Adam. Smh.

  • Did you ask a "how do I look" or rate me question? I don't really understand what you're talking about

    • No I didn't. I'm just asking about people's general behavior regarding bodyshaming

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    • I do but now I don't want to. You are looking too much into it, I know what's going on in society, crime, drug abusement, cheaters, girls who do as society wants em too, fuckin douches + players, agressive people who fight each week here, deaths by alcohol and drug abuse, harrasment in different places. What you mention happening here is media influence, for that there are groups I know around town but don't go to. Nobody hurt you? Or do you feel hurt when somebody does something that shouldn't hurt you.

      Small part of a story: 1 guy felt like a friend of mine was insulting his grand father by raving at mcdonalds, that guy was on drugs and shit happened, you are like this guy. Are you on drugs?

    • If you know what's ging on in society, then you should know that bodyshaming is indeed a seriously Problem and even the root of most rating disorders and self esteem issues. Nobody should take this lightly and say that i'm over thinking it or that I must be on drugs.

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  • I'm pro-choice simply cause I don't believe I have the authority to tell people what they can or can't do. It is their bodies yes and I might not know their circumstances or situation good enough to judge them by.

    I believe this more or less the same with overweight people too. Both my parents are overweight and I don't ridicule them for it. It's their choice if they want to be unhealthy and unfit. I don't always agree with it (just like I don't always agree with abortion at all times) but ultimately the choice doesn't lie with me but them and it's their free will.

  • I'm pro-choice and very much against body shaming 😊

    What you do with your freedom and body is not my business. I live in the US, and its a free country

    In very much for body positivity.

  • No I kind of don't. If it's someone I care about then I might point out that they have an unhealthy lifestyle because I'm concerned about them. But I never bodyshame people for looking a certain way.

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