How long should I wait between artylic nails?

Sorry to put this question up, but I can't seem to find an answer on Google haha. So, I was just wondering if I got fake nails at the salon, and they came off after a while. How long should I wait, before I go back and get another set put on, :) I want to keep my natural nails healthy.
And if anyone knows., how long does nail art last on real nails! Thanks guys. X



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  • Nail salons want you to come back, that's exactly why they only measure the durability at a low scale but the over all visual quality to the maximum. If healthy nails is what your striving for, i'd suggest you not going for fake nails. The glue used in your average does twice the damage by peeling off natural parts of your nails.

    • Thanks, and I don't mind if they get damaged a bit. I was just wondering how long i should wait between appointments :)

    • Wait a two week time lapse. Yet, after your first appointment tell them you will be coming in and in return for your loyal customer behavior you should receive a certain % discount in return.

  • You can drag them out (hurts a little bit) thats what I do when one of my arcylic nail falls off. I go to the salon every 2 weeks so :)

    • Aw okay thanks, :) how's your natural nails after that?

    • Pretty healthy, Just be careful using the rigt glue (some glues lead to infections to nails) but If you go to the saloon, they pretty much have those good glues. :)

    • I'd like to know too!!!

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