Am I being paranoid here?

So yesterday while I was walking down the road a guy came up to me and said "You're beautiful girl" and he then left without waiting for me to react. I got really happy but I immediately thought "Did he feel pitty for me? That's why he said that? Are there such nice people?" But my friend (I was with her the whole time) said that I'm stupid and this wouldn't happen, he just saw a pretty lady and said something nice, and so I chose to believe her. But when I got home, the first thing that my sister told me was "You look awful. What are those eye bags for?" And then I confirmed to myself that this guy was just being kind. Am I being paranoid?


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  • Your sister is stupid. No. I do that too. Why would a total stranger feel pity on you? I dont know how a woman brain works but let me tell you how a mans Brain works. If there is someone ugly or someone a man is just simply not attracted to, and this woman is just passing by and has nothing to do with him, she's invinsible. If you would work at the same place or are in the same class he'd see you and think you're ugly but not if you're just a passenger.


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  • Sounds just like a compliment or at worst a cat-call. I wouldn't worry about it unless it continued. Guys don't just give out compliments like that to strangers out of pity, so he was probably being honest.


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  • I do that too. I will tell a random woman she's beautiful (if I think she's exceptionally beautiful).

  • :/ sad how women process compliments and treat eachother like absolute shite

    • Low self-confidence!

    • Lol it's a damn shame all women have low self confidence

    • Hah, not all of them do. :)

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