Anyone who loves drawing/art?

So I'm writing a novel on Fictionpress and it would mean the world if someone would draw a picture maybe of my characters or a location or anything. It would mean so much!!! So take a read and let me know if you're interested or email me at sophiebealouise@hotmail. com

Here is the link to my novel and the link to my pintterest board to give you drawing, painting or art inspiration.

The novel:
My pinterest board:



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  • I used to draw stuff when I was younger. Today the only thing I still can do is painting miniatures.


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  • I'm not much of an artist myself. One of my friends likes to doodle concept work, but he's not a great artist either. Plus he's does sci-fi stuff, but I'd bet he like to draw armor, swords, or stuff like that. I could ask him if he wants to a sample for you if you want, but if it's quality art you want, I'd suggest going to deviantart, searching for things you are interested in, finding artists you like and asking them about requests and/or commissions.


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  • I hope your book has a legal protector, that way others don't pass it as their own.