Facebook messenger problem with a crush?

Me and my crush have been talking for ages. Now and then I wouldn't hear back from him for a while and then he reappears. He's an extremely shy guy however we've recently been on two dates together. He had a bit of a family issue so I haven't spoken to him much after the second date. He's suddenly come back, even flirted! Which is a big step for him and had agreed to come to a party with me for Halloween. We were sending long messages and I even opened up to him about a problem I had before we spoke again with regard to an ex and his friends trying to freak me out. Anyway I sent the last message and I don't know if it has delivered! It's got the circle with the dot in it however on the inbox thing where it shows previous messages, my message to him doesn't show. It's only an arrow! I'm worried in case it hasn't come through and if he thinks I'm ignoring his reply :O


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  • In this case, you may send a follow up. Something light hearted like, "FB didn't show my message delivered, did you get it?" Google the FB message icons, you will get your answer. It's amazing what you find on Google :)

    • You're totally right 😊 do you reckon I should leave it for a little while, like a day, and then send a message? I sent my reply last night, he's been online but I remember him saying that he has a job now. He could be busy :)

    • Yeah, maybe send it tonight.

      I used to think "delivered " on texts meant read, I googled and found it doesn't. Yay Google, lol.