Describe the change, if any, you undergo when drunk?

I drink purely socially.

When I do go out I tend to drink 3-4 pints as predrinks, and then a further 2-3 at the club/bar.
I guess I'm a heavy drinker, but I can definitely handle it.

Sober, I'm usually quite reserved and shy... but it seems when I get drunk I get really, really confident. Not cocky though.

I find it so much easier to chat up girls, and I get a lot of success.

What about you?


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  • I remain completely lucid but become slightly more affectionate. I get the spins really bad so I get unsteady on my feet but I'm otherwise fine.


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  • I've never been drunk but I've felt really sick from having a few sips of alcohol so I went into another room and passed the fuckles out. I think I may have some weird aversion to alcohol because of that.

    • Yeah, sounds like a severe intolerance.

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    • I understand. I suppose people think you've got a larger-than-normal appetite too?

      I'm tall, quite lanky albeit rather well built... but, like I have said, I'm a heavyweight with booze and I eat a hell lot too!

    • Hmm I don't have a larger than normal appetite.. I mostly eat constant little things throughout the day instead of large meals.

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  • I don't change too much when I'm drunk. I'm a social person to begin with so I may just get a little louder, a little more forward and aggressive, but not much else changes.


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