Apart from physical traits how strong are genetics regarding personalities?

My teenaged brother sometimes acts like my male counterpart of how I was during my childhood and early teenage years.

Similarities we both share (when I was his age):
- Same hair color and also wavy
- He had troubles in his early school years when a couple mean kids bullied him (I was socially bullied by the whole class in 7th grade) but unlike my case it stopped early on. Someone once called him weird; I was also called ''the weird girl'' a couple times.
- He can be shy sometimes with others. I was too during my early years and also with my first boyfriend.
- He smiles like me.
- Has trouble making new friends and runs out of conversations.
- Sometimes focuses too much on one activity such as winning the Fifa game. My version: I would bring a couple books to read during family reunions and keep reading for a long time.

Also because of his early bullying problem, he doesn't trust others easily now. Same with me in 9th grade, I wouldn't trust easily either.
Sometimes it feels like I'm seeing myself as a kid/teen age but in the male version.


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  • You follow your parents