Social anxiety- eye contact?

Ok so i can talk to people on the phone fine and im not too much of a shy person BUT i cannot make eye contact with people at all i get really anxious when doing so and my eyes go all weird because of the anxiety, people have even though i was high sometimes n stuff because of how my eyes go when i try to make eye contact..:/ it's ruining my social life and i don;t know how to make it better.. someone please help.


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  • Practice looking people in the eye. Start with family and friends. And then random people like cashiers and waitresses. Practice makes perfect :)

    • ok il try that thanks

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  • Chew gum. That's how I got over mine. I used to never wanna talk to people or make eye contact. So whenever I did, I'll put a piece of mint gum at the side of my cheek and let the mint hang out. If not a fan of mint, fruity works too. I still don't look in the eyes. Tip of the nose, or the nose bridge.

    • good idea, il give it a go

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