How many other women are stuck in this situation of not finding anyone yet and close to 30?

I only had a relationship long ago, we broke up and remained distant friends.

Fastforward: Over the years I can't find anyone yet and haven't gotten the chance. I went on an online date and it's nothing but local guys from my country I'm not interested in, a guy that only wanted sex (the only reason he kept asking if I wanted to come to his house) and another guy whom I have no idea if he'll visit me.

I'm already 28. I never slept around (as mentioned only had 1 boyfriend in my life) but afterwards I wasn't interest in a romantic life for some time and definitely not in creating another life. It's different now... just when time is running out for me and I'm still single.

I'm close to finishing college but I'm taking online classes that basically doesn't get me a chance to meet someone like-minded, that's relationship material.


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  • I know a lot of girls in your place...
    Listen, i think you should try and find a serious partner asap
    the reality of the situation is that you are passed your prime and will need to find a good man soon

    if i were you i would look to approach guys everywhere, and anywhere, if you say a handsome dude around your age, introduce yourself and approach him
    just make sure he doesn't have a ring already

    • Thing is it's like I changed from one day to another. From ages 13 all the way till even the start of this year, I was indifferent towards a relationship (in my mind, if it came then it came) and had absolutely no urges for kids; literally 0%.
      Now ever since March or April of this year, things started changing and now I'm a bit worried all of the sudden. Even finishing my major towards Dec isn't making me very happy. I keep asking why now all this change all of teh sudden? Why now it's starting to kick in? Why?

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    • yeah I'll try that when I get some free time. I just hope I don't end up with someone that fakes a future by stringing me along. Sucks when you only got a limited time.

    • find a guy who has similar priorities as you
      tbh, you can find men, just try to find single guys a bit older like around 35, they should be looking to settle and make babies

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  • lots of women are in that situation.

    • Ok. Just hopefully I find the right person. I hope so

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  • I know how you feel. I'm 24 and I feel like I'm never going to find love...

    You may be going through a mini life crisis. I wish i could help you.

    • Thanks. I guess it's just about luck with some people. I didn't see this important in my early 20's but now I think differently.