What do you make of the whole Planned Parenthood scandal?

I get that the graphic descriptions of what's being done are hard to stomach for some, but it sounds like people find it preferable to just have these parts/tissue go in the garbage rather than being used for medical research.

Also, do you want PP defunded?


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  • Those videos are heavily edited, and the group that made them are being asked by the courts to testify -- and they don't want to (because they know they edited it to make PP look bad).

    I don't want PP to go without funding. An organization shouldn't be punished due to slander. No wrongdoing has been proven at all.

    • I guess, but I mean even if they're edited, a lot of what was said seems really hard to misinterpret or misrepresent. I still don't see what's really wrong about selling fetal tissue for research purposes vs. just throwing it away though.

    • The fetal tissue can be used for research, etc. However, there are strict guidelines in how that's authorized and managed. These videos were trying to make it look like the people at PP were ignoring those regulations and committing crimes -- those videos are very likely going to be proven to be slander.

    • Oh, got it. I thought it was just outright not allowed. Well hopefully what they've portrayed is really slander and PP has been following the proper guidelines. They have tons of useful services for women's health apart from just abortion; it'd kinda suck to lose access to that.

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  • I personally don't believe in abortions so I don't like the tissues/parts going towards science or in the trash. How bout keep them as the living baby they were meant to be?
    Also this is a personal opinion. Not looking for haters or arguments, just stating my opinion

  • The whole program itself is sick I'm glad people are finally takening steps to defunding it and getting rid of it.


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  • I think it's not a big deal.

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