How can I stop myself from getting a crush on this girl?

So yesterday me and some friends were talking in a Google Hangout and one of my friends added some of his friends he used to go to school with. Well to make a long story short I think I can already tell I've kinda got a minor crush on this girl that was added, but she lives several states away so I know shit ain't happening. Plus today I learned she's also my friends ex. How in the hell can I nip this in the bud?


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  • Forget about it and find a girl you can actually talk to in real life.


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  • distance yourself
    don't interact with her
    don't think of her

    that's all I could think of

    • This is difficult, when my friends tend to use google hangouts to talk after school (we have a chat running) so pretty much anyone will join whenever so I can't really avoid her totally. I could try to reduce the amount tho.

  • Find a hotter girl to liek

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