Is there any way to prevent cuteness overloads or make them not as intense and frequent?

I feel like there's something wrong with me. I have cuteness overloads and cuteness aggression all the time. My nephew and his cuteness just f***ing tortures the hell out of me, I keep thinking I don't know how I'm still alive. I thought he would've killed me by now. I told my mom, dad and sister that if I die and they know I'm not sick then they can figure it's because of his cuteness. They'll have to figure out that cuteness killed me. It was killing me softly and it ended up really killing me. And I started saying I'm allergic to cuteness/adorableness because of what it does to me. I find myself not knowing if I wanna cry, if I wanna scream, if I wanna squeeze the holy shit out of him. Last time I saw them, me and my dad picked him up and squeezed him, that was no relief but like my dad said, if we squeeze him any harder then we could hurt him and we don't want that AT ALL. And it's like it makes me angry, pissed off, irritated, however you wanna say it. But I love cuteness and he's way beyond cute, but I say cute, precious, adorable and irresistible. I can't get enough. I wish I could just steal him sometimes but I wouldn't really do that. It's just another example of those things. I feel like people don't understand it. And I can't help but call him things like "little shit" "cute little shit" "cute little motherfucking shit" and I tell everyone all the time that he's the cutest little shit ever. Cutest little shit I've ever seen in my life. And I've kinda always had a quote: "the more cuteness there is, the harder it is/the worse and more frequent the cuteness overloads." And he's way beyond cute, he's too adorable where he's way beyond adorable. We need a new word that goes beyond too adorable. Can someone please help me? Is there really nothing I can do like with making changes? Sometimes I'd say that it could be helpful if we could take away some of the cuteness. He's been getting cuter and cuter his whole life since he was born and before, the cuteness overloads weren't so bad and frequent and now I have them all the time and they've definitely gotten more intense too.


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  • That is really weird ಠ_ಠ