Can you use Irish pounds in England?

My dad went to Northern Ireland a few days ago and when he came back he gave me 520 Irish pounds and said I could use them in England because I'm gonna go back to university in the UK tomorrow but those pounds look really different to the English ones. So will they really accept the Irish pounds?


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  • They can be used but some stores do not expect them, although legally they should. It's best you deposit them into your bank account.

    • Ok thanks! :)
      I really wanna avoid an embarrassing moment lol

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  • Irish pounds? You'll be lucky to use Scottish ones :)

  • exchange them duhhhh

    • But that way I'm gonna lose money and I don't want to if its not necessary, duhhhh

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    • So they accept the Irish pounds?

    • lol its the UK pound sterling so yes :)

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  • Northern Irish pounds? Or money from the Republic? The Republic is Euros. NI is sterling

    • Obviously I was talking about Irish pounds not euro duh 😂

    • Well there's no such thing as Irish pounds anymore it was replaced by the Euro. Duh! Its called sterling in NI

    • Irish pound sterling or whatever then hahaha just chill