Why am I not allowed to be mad because of my age?

Whenever I get angry at someone here, I get called an immature child like adults are so calm all the time. And believe it or not, people always saying you're not "old enough" to do this or that is a horrible thing. People are different, I know myself better than anyone, so does every other person.


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  • You don't need any one yo give you the or privallage of expressing your feelings wrther it's anger, upset, etc.

    Adults say these things to hold their authority of you of us because even when they know that they're wrong their not going to admit it. They clealry have the same emotions that we do.


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  • It may be more about what you get angry for. Like, certain things are not worth being mad about, and children often make big deals out of small things.

    But as a general rule.. Being mad and acting on it, suggests a lack of self control, which people see, as being immature.

    • What I'm angry about: Being prefudiced and discriminated against because of my age. Shortly: ageism.

      Does it matter to me? Yes.
      Does it matter to them? No.

    • Yeah I don't know what you're displeased with, so I cannot say. ^.^

      Of course you're allowed to have your opinion on things regardless of your age.

      It's like, to a toddler, who currently has the shovel matters a lot, but to older people it would seem pointless.

      There will always be different views on what matters and what doesn't, and what causes this difference is most commonly, their age.

  • Don't worry, the adults who can't keep their calm during an argument are acting like immature children, too.

  • Well I think a 14 year old boy losing his temper is funny and kinda cute.

  • You are allowed to get angry. Everyone is. It could be what gets you angry or how you act once angry that nets you said reactions.


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  • I have the same problem :/maybe they think that it's because we aren't adults. They think that we are kids and we dont have a personality yet :/

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