What should I do? I would like to move out but don’t know if I should?

Hello I am 29 years old and I am still staying with my family because I can't really afford a place thats safe and sucure. I can only afford the low in come places, which I will probably have to do because I need to do something. I love my family, but they are very over protective and I even tried to have a boyfriend, and that didn't work out because they like to butt in. I also have a learning disability and they think I can't do anything for myself but I am not in a wheelchair or otistic, I just have problems with math and English but most people do, so I don't see why I can't move out. I also can clean, cook, bath myself and more, so I think I can do it. I just have never move out so they don't know what I am capable of doing. what should I do Move out or stay with my family? Most places are from $700 something to $1000 or more for the really good spots.


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  • If you make enough to support yourself comfortably then you at least try to experience being on your own


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  • Your parents just love you cause you're "special". No harm if you stay with them.

    • Yes but everything I do I get in trouble and I am an adult. I would like to go out more and I can’t enjoy life with other people my age. I mean my family suggests people but I don’t want them to decide who I can be friends with. I mean I do things with my family but I want friends or to do something without them for a while.

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