Please please help me with my situation! I overthink it all the time and I feel like I'm losing it! I really need some real opinion?

Long story short:
After me and my ex broke up we didn't talk or anything. He even started dating his ex again. But after he saw me at a party with someone else he snaped me back and stuff. When I posted a pic of something from my book (I'm writing a book) he screenshoted it and we talked about it (it was more in a teasing way). Also when I went out to a club with his friends (which are/were also mine) I stayed at the club with a guy instead of going home and Andrew (my ex) wrote me about it, how its stupid to go with some guy, instead of staying with your friends with whom you came...(now they're angry with me as well btw). After that I unfriended him because he acted very mean, but I sent him a snap soon after that (I sent it to everyone) and he answered saying 'I thought you wanted nothing to do with me' (I said that, when we faught about the club situation, right before I unfriended him) and I answered 'I sent it to everyone, don't overthink it' and he didn't answer. Some time after that I posted a pic from my book again and he screenshoted it (again). It seemed that I spelled something wrong and he texted me on snap 'Its especially* not esepcialy' and when I didn't answer he said 'And its manager*, you're welcome' I also didn't answer. After that we didn't talk anymore, when I posted a pic from the book again he didn't say anything. Also he doesn't post anything on mystory anymore (I think he might be hiding his stories from me because he used to post them every day).
So the point here is that on Friday I saw him after a long time at a club and he looked miserable. He also kept glancing my way all the time + when I was sitting with some guy friends of mine he looked sad and really uncomfortable. It looked like he wanted to approach me but couldn't (though I'm not sure, that's just my interpretation) Do you think he still might have some feelings towards me?
P. S. he unfollowed me on Instagram some time after I unfriended him


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  • Sounds like he would like to be interacting with you.

    • Well yeah I thought that too, but why doesn't he say something that actually matters? Doesn't he want to have a REAL conversation with me and not just some stupid small talk?

    • Well yeah, he probably would want to have a real conversation with you, but there's been a lot of negativity in your interactions. Also, real conversations are hard for many (if not most) people. Maybe the two of you can hit a reset button, but you'll have to be the one to suggest it.

    • Well I can't do that. Yesterday I found out that he's with his ex (again). He also likes ALL of her pictures on Instagram. And that's really odd because he doesn't even use Instagram. He obviously just goes on her profile to like her stupid pics. And I don't get that either, because my pictures are far more prettier then her's (I'm a model) and he never liked ALL of them. Maybe this is something unimportant, but I don't understand either way.
      Oh an you know what happened yesterday? I was sitting in a park with a guy I'm dating. And not far from us my ex was sitting with his friend. And when I went to the bathroom my ex took a picture of the guy and sent it to me on snapchat saying ''Why didn't you kiss him, now he looks sad'' I saw that snap four hours later, so I didn't answer. But what's the meaning of that?

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