What exacty is the point of forming a judgment on crime statistics based on race/ethnicity?

I get that we have statistics to gather information about how high or low crime is in certain areas, countries and people's appeareance but is the whole point of a crime statistics based on race to racially profile people, even without any apparent suspicion of crime?

I bring this up since whites constantly bring up how Blacks and Minorities commit such a large amount of crime for such a small population in the US so I've always wanted to know what exactly is their point (not denying the statistics but still)? Is their point brought to use it as an excuse to racially profile and even advocating to limit some ofthe civil rights of those groups?

Bonus Question: Do you think this same thing should apply based on genders (crime statistics)?

  • To racially profile those that considered the "most likely" groups to commit crimes.
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  • Just to give us information as a heads up.
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  • racial profiling.


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  • Racial profiling - All blacks are criminals, All muslims are terrorists etc.
    Gender profiling does happen to a lesser degree - All sex crimes committed by men, violent crime tends to be committed by men.

    • Depends on how you look at sex crimes. The vast majority of the times, people, especially men, refuse to acknowledge a lot of women as sex offenders in certain crimes (Teacher-Student sexual encounters, female babysitter sexual abuse, etc.) and as violent criminals (Don't know if you've ever heard of Jodi Arias but she's notorious for murdering her ex and the vast majority of my state, Arizona, wants Jodi executed and were outraged that she didn't).

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  • The answer is both a and b. When you discuss it with just random people you know, or on the internet, it is usually used to build bias and prove race based differences. In academia however it can be used to determine where bias exists or to identify socio-economic factors that are leading to the differences. In the latter, the assumption is that race is not the causal factor, where in the former the assumption is the opposite.

  • To justify racism... stop immigration... make all western nations ONLY WHITE... reinstate slavery or at least, make other races 2nd class in OUR PURE WHITE NATIONS.

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