Should I ask him to go with md ir am I to inpatient?

So I Just met this guy (around 9 days ago) and we have been hanging out once until now and was supose to me twice, but I had to cancle because I was really tired after a hard work-weekend. We have talked everyday since Saturday.

When I get to know people, if there is dating potential, I have problems waiting a long time between hanging out with them, once or twice a week is perfectly fine ( only a preferance)

I want to ask if he wants to hang out, but he told me he us going to have his friend visit him for four days, so I doubt he'll be free to hang out with me aka I have to wait untill the end of the week to hang out with him

There is going to be this party tomorrow and im planning to ask if he and his friend wanna go, but Im not sure if he Would be up for it.

Should I Just chill out and wait untill the end of the week or is it a good idea to ask him to the party? Im trying not to stress anything, I mean it has only been 9 days, but I dont like to get to know people online..


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  • Yeah you can ask him

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