Who is house or room sharing with strangers?

what do you think of it like the pros and cons?

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  • got my own place
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  • living with family (it sucks)
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  • i shared a house with strangers before. it was actually not that bad. i became pretty close to them. they were a lesbian couple who had some extra room so they rented me out a room. it was a good experience. i dont regret it at all. but you just gotta be careful with who you move in with. you never know what you'll get.
    but some cons are that you don't have ur own spot, so obviously privacy is a little bit on an issue. or not knowing for sure if they are going to have their share of rent, or if theyll cause problems.
    but its worth a try. just make sure its legit.


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  • I was at a guys house recently who lived with i think 2 or 3 other people, he moved back to england from amsterdam, found the flat on gumtree and moved it. the other people he lived with were musicians like him and he'd lived there like 8-9 months and was perfectly fine. The interview that you have with the current tenants is just as much for you as it is for them, if you get a weird/bad vibe off of them then you dont have to go through with it. if you really need somewhere to stay though, so what? its a place right? if you can hold off... wait? but nah i think its alright, loads of people do it. thats how Joey and Chandler met on friends right? ;)

  • oops i meant to vote C but went B.

    yeah no strangers in our home. and living with my family doesn't suck. i love it.

  • I live alone. I have lived with friends, and with people I hardly knew, but never flat out strangers. I've had good and bad experiences. I have heard horror stories from stranger roommates and friend roommates alike. I've also heard good ones. If you are looking to room with someone, work on hanging out with them in a more "homey" situation (not to be mistaken for homies :) ). But sometimes, it's simply a live-and-learn situation.

    • its a lottery really when you consider it lol

  • It's cheap. Only benefit. Nothing else


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