Should I do vegan/gluten free/ healthy foods theme mytake?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been exploring new mytake ideas. From themed recipies, to breaking down the political candidates, to comparing Spongebob to real life. It seems like there are a lot of healthy eaters on this site i'm neglecting to cater to. I have decided to attept a vegan, gluten free, healthy alternative mytake in the upcoming future. Should I attempt it, what other ideas would you ike to see me tackle?

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  • That sounds great. I was actually thinking of doing a MyTake on veganism itself and to talk about the ethical, environmental, economic, health reasons for going vegan and even touch on how going vegan could potentially end world hunger as well. Someone once asked a question on GaG about why vegans went vegan, and I listed every single reason. It took me a while, because I wanted to include sources and I didn't want to miss anything, but he responded by saying he was really impressed and that I should do I MyTake on it. So I might, and I also might do another addressing common questions people have about veganism and also some excuses people have for not going vegan in the first place.
    Anyways, I went off on a tangent. For sure make a MyTake on vegan recipes. People seem to think all we eat is grass lmao.

  • Yeah that's a good idea. Maybe document your journey through this new diet. I would be interested to learn more about it

  • dont go with a trend
    vegans are just bullshit vegetarians that are hated by almost every normal person
    dude those dumbasses that think glutan free helps are just as stupid as vegans eating healthy is eating food that is healthy not eating random shit not made from animals

    • You do realize that most vegans are not gluten free? Also, it's hard to take you seriously because it seems that you've never heard of periods, commas, and fucking grammar in general. Don't call someone a dumbass if your spelling and grammar are similar to that of a 5 year old.

    • @Kiwedin i didn't say they were

    • forgot to put a period after person

  • Why not take it slow? Reduce the variety of meat, then amount of meat, then amount of animal products like eggs and cheese, then if you still wish, go vegan but not without some kind of milk which is proteinaceous.


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  • You are a MyTake beast! Keep on writing! :-P