Guys, Whats your opinion on girl athletes?

What do you think about girl athletes guys? Do you think they deserve a fair chance? Should there be girls football and a boys football team, or should they be on the same team? I, persoanlly, think that girls should be aloud to play with boys in all the sports. I dont know though, I'm just a straight A student that rarely plays sports.

  • No, girls should not play sports!
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  • Yes, girls should play sports, but in a girls team!
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  • Yes, girls should play sports, in the same team as boys!
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  • lol I don't know im just reading this
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  • This seems to be a recurring theme and I'm surprised people still keep bringing this up. Sports is good for all students and adults. Especially if one enjoys it and has a natural ability.

    We should keep girls and boys in their own leagues just to even the playing field. More students will have an opportunity to play with separate divisions.


  • Just separate it for promotional purposes

  • I love when girls play sports, mainly soccer/football or volleyball. It makes a girls ratings go up for me

  • Indifferent, it's fine if she does sport

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