I feel im stuck in the past and I lost motivation anyone feel like this? Any solution?

I dont know how to explain this feeling. I always miss the past and most the time I think about the past and how I end up now. I had 2 cars I was competing bodybuilder I was so positive and had big dreams many people wanted to be in my place bc my life looked awesome that time but slowly everything started to fail first I got stomach inflammation then my friends I fought with them and then I lost my cars and my money I feel I back to the zero point now I want to back to competing and build my life again and have good job and there's chances to do this but I lost the motivation to move or to do what I was doing or to fix my present life I want to move to live my dream again but its look too difficult to do if again and I dont know from where to start I feel there's no starting point I'm sure there's starting point but bc of what happened to me I can't see it. Do I need help from an expert just to help me to start my life again? Or what to do exactly? How to have motivation again and start again? Excuse my English. Thanks.


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  • I think you need to see a therapist and really chat about all your issues. I'm sure you gave us the short version. But I really think just going through everything with a professional can help


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