How can someone be this greedy? What's wrong with those people?

They say they'll put to the money to developing new treatments and raising awareness. You're a fucking company. You're not fooling anyone, you're able to do this without murdering people. They're lying on top of all this.

I just don't understand. How? How can someone do this? Sitting in that meeting room, casually making a decision that will kill God knows how many people. They'll make people suffer and die. They'll feel hopeless. I know what being unable to afford something needed feels like. They could afford their treatment. But now... I don't understand how a human can value green paper over other humans. They don't need the extra dollars to survive, but HIV+ people do. This makes me horrible, knowing my hands are tied.


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  • Yes they are a company and a company is about making money. I don't see anything wrong with it

    • Yes, no problem, killing people to make $$$

      What is wrong with you