Are topmost floors better along busy roads?

I was offered a student room which is in a flat along a busy road. It is on the topmost floor. I haven't had the chance to see it because it came from an agency. Is it any better than let's say a 2nd or 3rd floor? Is the air cleaner, not so noisy?


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  • The higher you live, the less noise you hear grom the road and (unless you live under the roof) the warmer it will be since warm air raises. A boon in winter, less so during a hot summer. Higher up the sir should be cleaner since exhaust gasses are heavier.
    I'd go for not lower than 4th. floor
    But neighbors can be noisy anywhere.

    • If you live under the roof, it might be warmer in summer (warm air mounts and the sun heats the rooftop) and colder in winter (loss of heat through the rooftop.)

    • thanks that was very informative :)

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  • the move in on a top floor apt is difficult but aside from that being on the top floor is probably best. you don't have noisy neighbors above you. if the street is busy and loud the top floor would definitely be most ideal

  • id get the high floor because you won't have neighbors walking over you.

  • yes, it is


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