Did you notice how freakish Gotham city was in the Dark Knight Trilogy?

Something weird occured to me as I was watching Dark Knight Rises... what sort of freak city is Gotham? It's a major metropolis, with Talia even saying it had a population of 12 million, but throughout the three movies... it seems 90% white or so. Which is utterly bizarre--I cannot think of any major metropolis in the USA that is so white. SImilarly, almost all the crime is committed by whites. Such as in The Dark Knight, when Gordon carries out mass arrests, the crowd of mobsters in the courtroom is almost completely white. It's like Gotham is some 1930's mobster flick.

Do you think the film makers abandoned realism because they couldn't stand the possible backlash of a white batman beating up black criminals?


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  • I never thought about that, but it's a good theory.

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