Girls... seriously, why are you so scared of bugs?

Mom and son goes on car
Mom meets a cute spider
Spider says hello...
... mom jumps from the car on the road

...9 years old kid tries to brake the car alone
... but mistakenly accelerates...
and crash with a school bus.

Girls... seriously, why are you so scared of bugs?



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  • That was almost me last week. I was pulling out of the driveway and felt something on my bare left leg. I looked down to see a ginormous spider crawling up my calf. I freaked, threw the car in park, opened the door and slapped it off. He was three inches leg to leg. My 10 year old was in the car, laughing at me. I was laughing, too, but I recall thinking how glad I was I wasn't on the street when it happened.

    As a country girl, I tend to live and let live. Had he been crawling on the windshield, I'd have pulled over and got him out. Im not scared of them in my vicinity, butt... shudder... on my bare skin? UGH!!!

    Bees are my downfall. I am petrified of them.


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  • I heard about that, that is just so fucking stupid and that women should get in series trouble


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  • the woman's reaction in this story is a little excessive. But it can be a real phobia!
    Bugs are such creepy creatures, they can get everywhere through little cracks and holes and some of them can bite or sting and some are poisonous. They can get in your clothes or hair or bed or mouth and lay eggs... i mean it's not that strange to be afraid of them


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