Why do I never see girls I really like beyond looks?

I don't think I'm terribly picky I care some about looks but not too much, but I like what I like. Usually I'm not attracted to white girls because they are so fake were I live and sometimes stuckup. Black girls are sassy and or we don't have the same interest. I prefer brownish girls but I'm down for whatever. It's mainly I can't find a girl who is smart but not only smart who is a good girl yet has an edge. Or even has something different about them from the crowd some kind uniqueness I think I really need to know someone first to see the uniqueness in them but they rarely open that door. Most people at my school do the same thing literally it's like everyone's a clone they all were the same outfits and talk about the same thing. I met this one girl this summer so I hope I'm not subconsciously everyone off because of her. However she was everything I would like to have. It's just were I go to school all the girls do the same thing they are gorgeous but that's it I feel like everyone is just in one group or this group I'm trying to look deeper but it doesn't seem like I have an outlet.


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  • You like what you like!