If girl responds late should I do as well?

1. I just met her and we're going on date on Friday.
2. We're texting little
3. She replied to my answer like 8 hours later and yes she was on facebook before. Not her first text, but she replied 8 hours later.

Should I just ignore her and reply to her tomorrow or what?


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  • Depends how you want to play it. She's obviosuly playing around by not messaging back for a while. if you message back within 10 mins it shows interest and also it's a good indicator to see how committed to her little game plan she is. Or you can message back hours later to and show you're just as good at playing hard to get as she is. I tend to mix it up a bit to get a feel for what's going on haha

    • yes for sure it's playing some game but she replied 8 hours later, so the thing is I'll reply tomorrow.

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    • Nah if she's interested which it sounds like she is, she'll message back. Just gotta stay calm

    • yes, so should I just message her now or message her tomorrow? :)

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  • I don't worry about when people reply - I just reply when I have free time


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  • Did she say yes to the date? If so, text to confirm with a great see you Friday.

    • yes she confirmed, but damn we're still talking, messaging I just can't stop :D

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    • but it was just short text. Now I won't reply even if she does :D

    • I'll just stop texting but I'm quite sure that she'll reply soon or in morning :D

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