Should I be offended someone told me I look miserable and bought me a beer or take it as a nice gesture?

I was at the campus bar having a few beers and a few professors about 35 sat next to me. They asked me what my major is and told me I look miserable and like I'm just trying to get through the day after I sat quietly for an hour while they talked. I told them my major and talked about how i dont have any plans after school and can't stand my classes. They told me to stick it out and find a job somewhere else and bought me the rest of my beers. Then when they left the female professor told me I'm a good looking young man and need to keep my head up.. It made me feel awkward like they said what everyone else thinks. I don't want everyone to see me as someone who is never happy or looks sad.


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  • If you feel miserable it manifests into your outward appearance try to make decisions that make you feel good
    Positive decisions that will help your inner state that intern will manifest on the outside!


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  • It's a nice gesture.

    • Still now I feel like everyone notices how im not happy and judges me.

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  • you got a free beer, count your blessings lol

    • She also said I look miserable lol.

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