Should I be worried that she asked for money?

We were hanging out in class and she ended up not having money for lunch (Take into consideration that it's been 3-4 weeks we've been talking, we used to be friends in Middle School , but only started talking again now) so she asked for 5$. I have already been "used" for money by this one guy I didn't even know, I had realized it after the second time, so I just said I never had money, but I actually kind of like her and I just wanted to know if I should be worried that she isn't really "into" this friendship/whatever this is.


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  • If you are both these Friends that seem like it is growing, then I see no harm in allowing her to borrow the money.
    However, if you do, give her a deadline that you need it back and with This... Her credit with you would be good and she would then show you just what kind of friend to the end she would be.
    However, no one says you have to make it a daily nor weekly habit and tell her so, that you are not made out of money, honey.
    Good luck. xx

    • I never really said she had to return it... I was actually about to give her 2$ only because I wanted to make it seem like I'm not made of money at the beginning, but the pocket where I had the ones I also had a 5$ I had found the day before...

    • Oh, okay, so maybe the 2 bucks and leave it at that.. with finding the five, it seems God gave it back to you for your heart of gold. xxoo

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  • no need to worry over that.

  • Maybe her family is struggling and this is the only meal she gets.


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