Saw crush talking about banging girls with his guy friends?

So my crush is younger than me (im in 11th grade) and today I got his contact information. He responded to me on kik and then added me to a conversation with 70 people right after. He introduced me and They were talking about this girl and he said how it was too bad that she went to another school, then one of his friends asked if he smashed her (had sex) yet. He ignored his friend and asked me for my instagram. I then commented on how it was weird that they were talking about girls and how I was randomly invited out of nowhere. His friend said that they were already talking about that before I came in. My crush said, "yea" after that but I don't know if he was saying that to having sex with the girl or that I came into the chat when they were already talking about it. He then proceeded to talk about how hot the girl was and his friend said that they were having a thing for a while.
I left the conversation soon after and tried to talk to him one on one but I haven't gotten a response yet. I wanted to tell him that I felt like it was obvious that I was interested in him since I told him that he was cute and that I tried to get to know him (plus asking for his kik) and that we should probably not talk anymore.
I would of been okay with being just friends but now I kinda changed my mind. It's just weird to me and I feel like he already sees me as "one of the guys". I also feel like even if he was not intrested in me, it still would be pretty weird to introduce a person then talk about having sex with people.

I need advise, this has never happend before.


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