If you could invite 5 people ( living or dead ) over for dinner and drinks- who would you invite and why?

For me:

1, George Best- love football, and loved how free he lived his life
2, Julian Assange- love his intellect and sense of right
3, Marilyn Monroe- She would have some great tales to tell
4, Maya Angelou- Great inspiration, and wonderful thinker
5, Johnny Cash- I see him as an under rated genius and such a ballsy free spirit


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  • 1. Stevie Wonder he could teach us a thing or two about belief in your talent overcoming life's tough breaks then play us a song
    2. Jimmy Armfield, the England soccer captain before Bobby Moore and who has lived more in his one life than most of us will in ten. (Read his book by the way 'Right back to the beginning' - it's ace!
    3. Amelia Earhart, I would ask her if she wished to inspire a generation of aviators, a generation of women or if she was simply an explorer? I'd also like to know if she died on a secret mission to spy on the Japanese.
    4. JFK aged 45, I would ask him what he wanted to achieve with his next 5 years of Presidency.
    5. Controversial - Adolf Hitler. I would want to ask him what impact his relationship with his dad Alois affected his behaviour in life and ask how he was able to appeal to the Aryan ideal when he was a five foot ten maggot.


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  • I would invite:
    Steve McQueen - he looks like fun and was a daredevil. I'd love to talk Motorcycles and racing with him
    Valentino Rossi - he would be the life of the party
    Dalai Lama - love him and his teachings
    Marilyn Manson - he is a very intelligent and eloquent man and just does his thing
    Neil Armstrong - so he can tell me what he REALLY saw on the moon and in outher space

  • 1. Louis Zamperini - love his insights of life and I also curious how he could totally forgive people who tortured him and I think he must be a fun person since he played skateboard at 70 years old
    2. Jane Austen - love her and her works
    3. Anne Frank - she was a great girl
    4. Angelina Jolie - my role model
    5. Hitler - I just want to ask why he decided to hate and kill all jews...

  • Adolf Hitler- He just intrigues me

    Cook from skins- Hopefully I could fuck him

    The Hemsworth brothers- I want to fuck them too

    Gordon ramsay- so he can cook for me then fuck me after..


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  • 1. Keith Richards
    2. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    3. Frederick Douglas
    4. W. E. B. Dubois
    5. my best friend Brendan who died when I was 12

  • 1. Rousseau
    He was a brilliant romantic who said the world corrupts you and everyone is born pure
    2. Layne
    He's one of my favorite artist and I would love to know how he started getting into music
    3. Dimebag
    Awesome guitarist from pantera
    4. Ed gein
    Why the hell did he do it or his reason
    5. One of those from the trench coat mafia
    What he felt and was it worth it?

  • I don't know. I guess any single females. I'd talk to each of them and weed out the ones that won't make a good fit for me.

  • 1. A friend
    2. Another friend
    3. Another friend
    4. Isaac Newton
    5. Michael Jackson

  • 1-Steve jobs.
    2-Alex O'loughlin
    3-Jason Bateman.
    4-George Clooney.