Is it weird that it's uncomfortable thinking about my mom dating?

My step dad just died at 53 of lung cancer. They were together since I was 5.

Now, I think my mom is dating and its weird thinking of her having sex with guys. Is that weird?

It's most unsettling.


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  • It's not weird to feel uncomfortable about that. Normally a person is going to have few points of realization regarding their parents:

    1) They are not superheros or some sort of ultimate authority that knows everything (this one usually comes pretty early).
    2) They are people and not that different from you.
    3) They are mortal.

    It's perfectly fine to feel like your world has been flipped a little bit with each realization.

    • Imagining her having sex is... I don't know the word for it...

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    • I destroyed any chance at spelling that word right sorry... A few years ago my mother (who had been divorced for many years) started dating again. That really thew me for a loop as well. And yeah it's like nails on a chalk board if the chalk board was your brain to realize that your mom has sex. That it isn't something your generation invented. It never becomes a thing that sits right in your mind to think about. But You eventually stop thinking about it after your shell shock is finished. My mother is actually re-married now. And I consider her new husband to be a good guy. We bumped heads at first. Which was natural given that he was a strange male looking to get with a family member. I think what got me too accept it was eventually liking the guy she ended up with. That also helped me deal with my little sister having a serious relationship with a guy better as well I think.

    • I knew she had sex, it's just that I knew my step dad since I was 5. I'm now 28.

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