He keeps complimenting me on my looks, but im not sure if he means it or not?

so this guy in my class keeps saying things, and im unsure if he means them or not.

He will say things likes " dont worry, you're the only beautiful here", or today he said " you're a sexbomb", he has also said "im attracted to beautiful things, thats why i was attracted to you", the list goes on actually. and just giving me a lot of compliments on my looks, and i never know if he is just joking because he says it in playful way.

I normally just respond by lauging it away or not really saying anything...

So how do i deal with this? just ignor it


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  • Don't mistake someone's flattery or interest, to mean he value's you. It's possible to be attracted to someone, want them just for sex, be interested in them or curious... and NOT really CARE about them or value them as a person.

    A guy who really cares about you, will make you feel like more than just a pretty face and his actions will show that he actually values you, your opinions and your life.

    Too often, girls mistake a guys flattery or interest to mean he must really like them or love them; then when the relationship goes sour, they wonder what happened. What happened, is that he was never serious to begin with.

    If a guy truly cares about you, you WILL know. There won't be mixed signals or unanswered questions. There is nothing you need to "do" on your end except maybe be careful of his true intentions and be smart about which guys you allow to toy with your emotions.

    • the things is that i dont like him at all, he's my friend, and that all he'll ever be. But i am still curious of he actually means it or he just says these things to say them

    • it's possible he's trying to take himself out of the friend zone then, by letting you know he has a physical attraction to you. I'm sure he does mean it... because people don't throw around compliments they don't mean to their friends.

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  • If he doesn't ask you out, it's just a flirtation. Asking you out means he's serious

    • i dont want him to ask me out, im just unsure if i should take it as a legit compliment or nor

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    • yeah, but in many cases that subjective.. so what you consider a tool, or what you mean being a tool involves, might be different from what i consider a tool

    • Just don't be a tool, got it?

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