What happended to my feelings?

I'm drained and life is going in slow motion i used to be social and have a lot of groups to hang with but now I'm quiet. I feel tears behind my eyes but they won't come out its like I want to just yell and lunch a whome in the wall and release anger that's building up. I'm to the point where I walk around and when I see people I know i avoid them don't want to deal with anyone. It doesn't feel like depression i just don't care about anything i do anymore.


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  • im pretty sure not caring about anything is a part of depression. i could be wrong but i think that can be a big part of depression and anxiety. it sounds like you're going through a mental rough patch, and its fine. it happens to people. it's just hard to come out of it but i think things run its course and get better as time goes on. i've gone through some weird periods where i feel very weird and not myself mentally. i just really try to stay positive and let it all play out :/. i don't take medication or have any therapy for that type of stuff. i can't afford that and i don't like telling my parents about it lol

    • I'm just annoyed and I feel like noone knows I'm going through this so I don't want to come across as needy and someone has to talk to me. To help me through it. I want to do it alone and its not working.

    • i understand that feeling completely. that's how i function as well lol. it is ALWAYS okay to ask for help. everyone is going through something and everyones feelings matter and are valid. sometimes you just need someone there to lean on, and to help you work through things. sometimes it's something you can't just fix yourself.

    • thank you for MH <3

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