Nokia 105 mobile phone?

Anyone seen the phone before?

Anyone used it?


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  • I haven't seen or used it. It's described as light, cheap and tough. It came out in 2013 as best I can tell.

  • Yes, I have used it very reliable and versatile basic phone.
    It did its purpose and it was very clear in voice and reception. Sometimes I wish we had key-pads instead of touch-screen.
    Why are you interested youngster :)

    • Looks nice : - )

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    • Would you recommend it to anyone?: )

    • Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who is not has a low to medium budget. Wants a phone which is rough and tough. Screen does not break so easily from fall etc.
      The one I had I threw that one at the wall in rage and it only broke a chip of it. If I had done it to any other phone like apple or black berry that would have exploded or shattered.
      The best thing is that it has a good reception and voice clarity in my opinion even underground. :)