Some help quick , im a bit worried? girlfriend has doesn't receive my whats app messages, no phone connection?

It's a bit unnusual for her, i called her, she didn't pick up, after that i tried again, voicemail directly. sending her a whats app text wishing her goodnight, it was sended but not received. I find this a bit odd. could it be that her batery is empty , and thats why i get her voicemail and she doesn't receive my messages? im a bit worried actually, seems out of charecter for her !


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  • im sure she's fine, probably just having some issues with her phone.

  • Give her some space! It's normal!

    • She was still at that bar. I was just worried. Not stalking her. So i walked in and decided to get the people she was with a drink. Stayed. kissed her goodnight. Her batery was empty.

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