I can't get the this girl out of my head :( Can anyone help?

Well basically i had a crush on this girl for 3 years and i just messed up cause i was too shy and time passed and all in all, i'am pretty sure she friendzoned me. In all honesty i have stopped talking to her but every now and then she messages me, but i only partly reply. It's been 3 weeks now and i still can't get her out of my head :(

what else can i do? sometimes i can't even sleep at night. I try NOT to talk to her but she talks to me though and i dont really want to "unfriend" her out of my life. I just blame myself for being too damn shy


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  • Tell her how you feel!

    • well she already said i'am like a bro to her twice. its tough cause everytime i try NOT to talk to her, she always pops back up with a message or something

  • Does she have a boyfriend? If not, you still have a chance.

    • no she doesn't BUT she called me her bro 2 times already so the nail is kinda in the coffin :/ i just want to get her our of my mind

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    • Yeah.. I didn't mean for it to sound so gutsy. But you get the idea... you just want her to understand your struggle, that's all.

    • yeah ahaha

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