Are good Christians going to sit back and let the pope and the president steal our Christianity and our traditional family values?

Are we all going to sit back and let Pope Francis and Barack Obama attack Christianity? Is there any way to stop this madness?

  • Build a wall and deport all non Christians and anchor babies
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  • Legislate mandatory Christian church attendance for all US citizens
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  • Sit back and see what evils will assuredly happen
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  • ever heard of separation between church and the state? or perhaps the fact that religious freedom does not apply to only christians

    • Only applies to Christians

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    • i would hope so. i like the metaphor by the way

    • Thank you :)
      Bernie Sanders in 2016
      Be well

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  • you know if the rapture happened to day, I think that religious people would be last one to saved

    • Did you mean to win the internet today or did it just happen sir? *shoves microphone in Jake's face*

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    • you big spender

    • Indeed but I am no fan of "Jake" from State Farm. Next time he gets 9 cents.

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  • You heretics are so funny. Thinking you have Christian values or something.

  • I honestly wonder why I fucking bother sometimes.

    • Look. You think Nixon was facetious at times? Ok well maybe not our pal Nixon but I know I am and I know you can be so let's all sit back and light a cigar.

  • Oh geez. This was the most hilarious thing I've read today. Thanks

    • Giggity giggity said Jesus

    • Hello, 911? It's Quagmire. Yeah, it's caught in the window this time

    • Well at least you didn't get the beans above the frank this time.

  • How can Obama and the Pope (who are both Christian) take away Christianity? That makes no sense.

    • That Muslim Obama infiltrating the White house and the pope thinking he knows more science than the GOP? It's not like the pope even knows any science so why is he talking about climate change?