What team would you stay on in a crisis situation?

So there's two teams of people
Team 1
The people who want to take over everything and basically destroy everything
Team 2
Or the people who want to stay equal as people and take care of everyone

Team 1:
advantages - the people that want to destroy have an advantage over the people who want to be equal, they have more members on that side, and they have more resorces, they are most likely to succeed because of this and they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Dis advantages
They know its wrong, they have sorts of guily and if there is something out there that exist called kharma they'd be mostly to catch it. If their family decides it was or is wrong they will have to kill them or be killed and if they didn't contribute to killing they would be thrown to the other side and be targeted 1st.

Team 2
advantages - they have hope that one day the teams will unite, if there is anything out there called good luck they'd be the 1st ones to get it and the ones who stood up for their rights would be the most honored and have their name remembered if they died trying to bring the teams together

Dis advantages- low resorces, at leats 10 of them are robbed and killed a day, they have little to no food, they go hungry, nothing to protect themselves, they had to watch their own family get slaughtered for even speaking the wrong way an they couldn't do anything about it or more people would die.

Which team would you *honestly* pick? i know which one you are thinking is right but pick which one you would go with don't be ashamed about your choice go anonymous if you'd like just be honest
and no confronting anyone or you will be reported.


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  • team one, why should I help people who are weaker than me

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