He stoped giving me as much attention?

So i have been talking to this guy almost everyday for two weeks since we met. We have met once after the first meeting, and he invited me over for a second time, but I had to cancle.

Since Tuesday his friend is visiting him from his home country, so I know he's busy. But the fact that I dont get as much attention as I got to start with kinda bothers me.

One part of me thinks " he's Just busy " and another part of me thinks "why hasn't he answered my message yet?". He always replies, but the amout of time that goes between me sending the message and him replying has increased a lot.

And to make things worse im really hormonal, so everything seems worse then it is. So what do I do? Its starting to stress me a little..


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  • ignore technology and have some you time to clear your head. All you will do right now is probably something you will regret :(

    • Its difficult... everything is on my phone.. but I have decided to give it a rest and Just do other stuff. . Im clearly not that important right now..

    • Go put your phone in a hard to reach place, its ok to forget the world for half a day!

      Then go chill out and do something that will distract you :) x