How do I make the move?

Ok so a girl has me invited over, we are chilling and smoking. she bout to let me rip the bong and i placed my hands slightly over hers (omg i felt turned on af) but she didn't say/do anything and i guess move them away? How the fuck do i make a move or subtley show im attracted and turned on by her? like STEP BY STEP guide lmao. im new at this shit i might have another chance soon! Also never have kissed a girl or made out. so im really fucking new. and there were awkward silences... while iwas talking to her.


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  • Just do it.

    • do what lol?

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    • how do i build up tension?

    • you dont have to build up tension. you have to make her feel relaxed. make her laugh make her feel comfortable. then thats when you could kiss her.

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