I love _________?

There's definitely no dearth of horrible and evil things going on in the world that demands our attention (and should) but I think it's important to sometimes step back and think about the little, simple things that are also good in our lives. So what are some things, everyday occurences or even some "once in a lifetime" things, that you love?
For instance, I love having a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise from the roof. I love seeing random people do nice things for other people on the streets. I love when someone drives by blasting a song that I like and I immediately get a big grin and start singing and flailing along.

Also, when you're so hungry and you find something questionable in your fridge but you eat it anyways and don't get food poisoning later. I also love when that happens. And I love food in general. *____*


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  • Aside from friends and family...
    I love pizza
    i love music
    i love poetry
    i love movies
    i love books
    sunsets are pretty amazing here so i love those too

    • That's a great mix, very nice! I love books too and reading, but I especially have a soft spot for like, old books. That have that weird... old book smell. And also oversized children's book, no lie. The huge storybook ones that, when you open them up and set them on your lap, it's almost like a hug.
      Also, fuck you, for mentioning pizza. I've been on the biggest pizza kick and start craving it everytime someone mentions it.

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    • LOL!!! Dude that's great!!! BRUH. I want.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I love the littlest things in life that could make me smile like an idiot. ❤💛💚💙💜

    I love it when I could climb to the tower at this park and watch the sunset. The sky is so beautiful at that time. 🌅

    I love the people that talk to me and bear with me. Sometimes all I'd ever need is someone who's willing to lend their ears to me. 🙈

    I love waking up to my puppy cuddled up all beside me. ☺

    I love when the guy who plays the guitar at London Court plays my favourite song and I'd play along with him. 💙

    I love seeing people smile and laugh, what makes me even happier is that I'm the reason behind their smile or laughter. 😄

    I love having a roadtrip down to Swan Valley with the pals and having fun like there's no tomorrow. 😂


    ahah yeahh that's quite a lot eh 😅 I'm trying to think and focus on the positive stuffs right now..

    • Not at all! It's great that you can think of so many things that make you happy so easily! I wish everyone could list like, 10 just off the top of their head. Very nice! I also love sunsets, especially the ones that make the sky look like it's on fire. :3

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    • Hopefully I won't. Thank you ^^

    • Thank youuuu 😘🙈

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  • @MissNowhere @cinderelli @XNicholeMariex3 @Hannah591 <3

    Nice Clothes
    My fabulousness
    Tech stuff
    Collectible knives
    Yummy for my tummy

  • I love the idea of loving something or someone because I don't have anything or anyone like that :|

    • No way man. There's gotta be something. Food? Dude everyone loves food.

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    • Yeah, see, there you go.
      Now you're one of us. o_____o

  • Myself! filler

    • Good! Someone has to. ;x Jk lol! I'm sure you're a great guy!

  • I love @fondue

    • I love Deadpool. o_o;;

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    • Lol Deadpool is so meta.

    • Yeah that's what makes him special

  • I love food and warm hugs :)

  • I love cake.

    • I LOVE CAKE. And grief counseling.

    • Chocolate is my choice. Chiropractic services is my second.

  • Kinky sexx


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  • I love lamp. 😐

    • o_o
      That's good. Visibility in the dark is always good. o_o;;

  • i love eating cheeseburgers, getting a pump, cuddling and watching a movie with my boo :D

    • FUCK YES. A good burger is definitely bae. : I don't know what you mean by getting a pump... like free gasoline or something? Cuz that would be legit.

    • working out. when you get a pump. like when ur muscles are pumped with blood and they are on swole. haha

    • Oh. Mhm, I can see that. Very nice!

  • @Intellectiskey <3

  • I love animals.

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