How can anyone joke about serious events involving people's feelings?

I've seen a couple prank videos several months ago so I'm not new to that. However, there are some serious matters you shouldn't be joking about. What's wrong with some people?

For instance someone doing a cheating prank on their partner is no joke. It's mean, playing with someone's invested emotions and he/she deserves to get dumped.

Other things that I believe someone shouldn't ever joke about:
- Pranking a boyfriend with a fake ultrasound prank (just read about a girl planning to do that)
- Pranking about breaking up or wanting a divorce
- Fake marriage proposal prank (I would seriously break up if a boyfriend ever did that to me)
- Death or faking an accident prank


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  • It's maybe a bit "off" but taking that shit too seriously and getting wound up by it shows volatility and pettiness. "Fuck you!" then getting over it is more reasonable than throwing a tantrum.

    • Maybe but imagine if some boyfriend were to do the 3rd as a prank on me, I'm all surprised, at an age I've began thinking about possibly having a child after finishing my major towards dec of this year, only for him to say it's a prank.

      Sure I would get over it but I would still break up. I wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore.

      As for the 1st one, some guys from my surroundings actually do want to be fathers. What if the dude were actually excited about becoming a father, only to hear that it's ''just a prank''.

    • I think it depends on who you're with, some people are the type to prank each other and others are not. It's a bad idea to mix. haha

  • Way can I say? Some people are just tactless fucks.

  • they don't think or they just don't care.

    • which is why they deserved to get dumped. There are other things you can joke about that doesn't involve hurting someone's feelings.

  • You mean like women crack jokes about men whose dicks were chopped off? Yeah women are not very nice

    • That's disgusting and mean as well. I wonder whatever happened to good pranks from the past, when people used to joke to each other. Nowadays it seems that pranks aren't pranks anymore, they're either rude, hurtful, gross or disturbing things about a chopped organ.

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    • Well good, you're one in a million

    • I don't know where you're finding women that find male mutilated parts funny but they aren't the majority. Those are sick people, just as sick as guys that think rape is funny.

      The ones that don't find it funny are average, sane people.

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  • I agree with all of those except I don't think a proposal prank is that serious. Not everyone wants to get married that badly and people who get proposed to do break up sometimes but it's not the end of the world break ups between engaged couples do happen

    • What if I really think about possibly having a child in the near future and made it clearly from the start but some guy were to do that prank on me? Now that would be mean.

    • If you make it clear that's different but if you do not tell a guy you want to get married you can not get mad at him for doing that. But even still it's not that serious.