Girl problems help?

I'm 15 and I'm good looking (not in a cocky way) I've always thought that I was an underaverage person but when highschool came around I starterd getting lots of attentions from girls. I always get "Hi's" from girls that I barely even know and one of my friends that aer girls told me a couple of girls liked me but didn't tell me who. Alright so I have trouble communicating with girls. its not like early middle school when we were all friends and all talked about the same things. now tbh the things the girls in our school talk about are pretty boring they talk about parties and stuff and I don't even like going to partly yet alone talking about it ( not that I'm not invited. I am. but I just don't go) I go to some of them and theyre usually boring. And tbh I'm kinda shy around girls.


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  • You need a wingman to help you out


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