What would you do, if you were a 50 ft tall giant?

What would you do, if you were a 50 feet tall giant in this world?


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  • here's my list:

    1. Go to a city with lots of skyscrapers and just scare people by looking into the windows of business buildings.
    2. Apply to a nightclub as a bouncer as see their reaction
    3. Lie down across a motorway (highway)
    4. Go to a death metal and sit cross-legged in the middle of the mosh pit.
    5. Say hi to people in cranes
    6. Do long jump over Buckingham Palace
    7. Go for a swim in the ocean and scare people in boats
    8. Go to a forest and pretend to be big foot
    9. Dig a massive hole on a beach
    10. Wear a cute Japanese school girl outfit and fake pig tails and skip down a street of a city

    I thought about this too much... :)


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